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Wind River. Любопытный факт

Думайте и говорите обо мне, что пожелаете. Где вы видели кошку, которую бы интересовало, что о ней говорят мыши? Ф. Г. Раневская
ну, если кто еще не в курсе...

For his new film, Wind River, Renner did himself one better, writing an original song — an Aerosmith-style power ballad called “Garden of Stone.” “I was sitting at the piano one day watching my daughter pick flowers in the garden, and I realized she never takes notice of this old rock,” he says. “Parenting is not a sexy thing. But when someone has fortitude, they’re always going to be there.” So he’s the rock? “I’m the rock,” he says.

The song was originally supposed to play over the film’s end credits, but, says Renner, “it’s a big, sweeping song, and it just felt like too much.” But you may still hear it someday: Renner has recorded more than 50 songs in his home studio and says he’s in the process of whittling them down for a potential album, maybe even two — one with a band and one solo. He wants to do it very organically — release some singles anonymously or put a few songs in movies. “I’m open to anything,” he says. “If enough people want to hear it, I’ll play a show.”

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